Focus on Native Americans No. 00-04

Date: Winter 2000

Native American titles in process

In fiscal year 2000, NLS added thirty-nine titles to its
Native American collection. These books, most of which are
still in process, cover folklore, history, mythology,
fiction, and works by Native American authors.  All books
will be available in the format noted and will be announced
in __Braille Book Review or Talking Book Topics.__  A book
number is given if it has been assigned.  Annotations are
given for five books in each category (juvenile and adult).

Juvenile books

Bruchac, Joseph.__Sacajawea: The Story of Bird Woman and the
Lewis and Clark Expedition.__ RC. For grades 6-9. 2000. The
story of the Lewis and Clark expedition to open the American
Northwest (1804-1806) is told through the alternating
narratives of Sacajawea, a Shoshoni Indian interpreter and
guide, and expedition captain William Clark.  Includes
excerpts from Clark's actual journals.

Fisher. Leonard.__Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Maya.__
RC. For grades 4-7. 1999. Introduces the twelve principal
gods and goddesses of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Kallen, Stuart.__Native American Chiefs and Warriors.__RC
50573. For grades 6-9. 1999. Discusses the lives of five
influential Native American chiefs: King Philip, Chief
Pontiac, Geronimo, Crazy Horse, and Wilma Mankiller.

Montejo, Victor.__Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book of the Maya.__
RC. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 1999. Mythical and
historical tales recount the origins of the Mayan people in

Riordan, James.__The Songs My Paddle Sings: Native American
Legends.___RC 49576. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 1995.
Twenty brief legends collected from a variety of North
American tribes.

Other juvenile books:

Bruchac, Joseph.__ The Heart of a Chief.__RC 49205.
Curry, Jane.__Dark Shade.__BR 12634.
Curry, Jane.__Turtle Island: Tales of the Algonquian
Nations.__ RC 49983.
Durbin, William.__The Broken Blade.__ BR.
Durbin, William.__Wintering.__ BR.
Durrant, Lynda.__ Echohawk.__ BR.
Durrant, Lynda.__ Turtle Clan Journey.__ BR.
Hoig, Stan.__ Night of the Cruel Moon: Cherokee Removal and
the Trail of Tears.__RC 49363.
Keehn, Sally.__ I Am Regina.__ RC 49650.
Lavender, David.__ Mother Earth, Father Sky: Pueblo Indians
of the American Southwest.__ RC 49548.
Marrin, Albert.__Sitting Bull and His World.__ RC.
Matcheck, Diane.__The Sacrifice.__ BR 12674.
Norman, Howard.__ Trickster and the Fainting Birds.__
RC 49900.
Osborne, Mary.__Adaline Falling Star.__ RC.
Sonneborn, Liz.__The New York Public Library Amazing Native
American History: A Book of Answers for Kids.__ BR.
Tookoome, Simon.__ The Shaman's Nephew: A Life in the Far
__When the Rain Sings: Poems by Young Native Americans.__

Adult books

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem.__A Season on the Reservation: My
Sojourn with the White Mountain Apache.__RC 50198. 2000. An
ex-basketball star volunteers to assist in coaching a high
school team on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in

Bixler, Margaret.__Winds of Freedom: The Story of the Navajo
Code Talkers of World War II.__RC 49954. 1992. An account of
the only code never deciphered by the enemy during World War
II.  In their own words, the Navajos describe their war
experiences and how they developed and implemented the
secret language.

Krech, Shepard.__The Ecological Indian: Myth and History.__
RC 49557. 1999. Reassesses anthropological images of Native
Americans as "noble savages" who lived harmoniously with
nature. Examines cultural and historical evidence that
supports or refutes this popular sterotype.

TeCube, Leroy.__Year in Nam: A Native American Soldier's
Story.__RC. 1999. The author recalls being a twenty-one-year
-old infantry recruit in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. He explains
how his background as an Apache helped him prepare to be a

Viola, Herman.__Little Bighorn Remembered: The Untold Story
of Custer's Last Stand.__ BR 12759. 1999. Curator emeritus
of the Smithsonian Institution presents accounts from
descendants of Native Americans who fought on both sides of
the battle.

Other adult books:

Alexie, Sherman.__The Toughest Indian in the World.__RC
Avelord, Lori, and Elizabeth Van Pelt.__The Scalpel and the
Silver Bear.__ RC 50241.
Blevins, Win.__ravenShadow.__RC.
Conley, Robert.__Cherokee Dragon: A Novel of the Real
Doss, James.__The Night Visitor: A Shaman Mystery.__RC.
Doss, James.__The Shaman's Bones: A Shaman Mystery.__RC.
Eagle, Kathleen.__What the Heart Knows.__RC 49348.
Frazier, Ian. On the Rez.__RC 49313.__
Heat-Moon, William Least.__ River-Horse: The Logbook of a
Boat across America.__ RC 49478.
Lassieur, Allison.__Before the Storm: American Indians
before the Europeans.__RC 49390.
Martin, Larry.__Sounding Drum.__BR 13025.
Wood, Nancy.__Thunderwoman: A Mythic Novel of the Pueblos.__
RC 50604.