Network Bulletin No.  00-67

Date: December 29, 2000

Subject: Automated Copy Allotment
System (ACAS)

Index term: Monthly lists to include three new series
of braille books for children

The American Action Fund for Blind Children is once again
sponsoring the production of three new series of braille
books for children.  The project is similar to the one
undertaken in previous years that distributed books in the
Animorphs, Baby-Sitter's Club, and Goosebumps series free of
charge to young braille readers and to network libraries.

The new books--the Nightmare Room, the Nancy Drew, and the
Little House chapter series are in production at Braille
International, Inc. (BII).   The Nightmare Room series is
R.L. Stine's newest one.  Aimed at students in grades 5 to
8, each book recounts the personal experiences and fears
that cause a middle-school student to cross over from
reality into a nightmare.  The books in this series are
being produced in the order that they appear in print,
beginning with #1.  The Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene
continues the teenage detective's escapades with her
girlfriends George and Bess.  They encounter adventures
while riding around in Nancy's Mustang convertible.  The
books in this series begin with the production of #157, and
subsequent productions will alternate between previous and
later numbers.  The Little House chapter books are aimed at
younger readers in grades 2 to 4 and tell stories about
three girls who live on the nineteenth-century frontier--
Laura, Rose, and Caroline.  The books in this series will
begin with the production of Laura #14, Rose # 4, and
Caroline #5.  Subsequent productions will alternate between
previous and later numbers in this series.

All three series will be offered free of charge directly to
young braille readers.  Braille-lending libraries will also
receive copies for their collections.  They will appear on
your monthly copy-allotment lists as NLS assigns book
numbers.  Some titles may be shipped before the release of
the copy allotment and arrive before they appear on the
copy-allotment listings.  You will receive the same quantity
for each title that your library selected for the Animorphs
series.  A list of the default quantities is attached.
Bookcards will be sent under separate cover.

If your braille-lending library is not on the list, if you
would like to change your default quantity, or if you have
any questions, please contact Betty Hardy at (202) 707-9237,
fax (202) 707-0711, or e-mail <[log in to unmask]>.

For questions or comments contact:

John Bryant
Production Control Section
(202) 707-9239
Fax: (202) 707-0711
E-mail: [log in to unmask]


Distribution Schedule for All Titles

Library      Copies

AL1A              2

AL1I              1

AR1A              2

AZ1A              2

CA1A              1

CA2A              4

CT1A              1

DC1A              1

DE1A              1

FL1A              5

GA1A              2

HI1A              1

IA1A              1

IL02              1

IL1A              3

IN1A              3

KY1A              2

LA1A              2

MA1A              2

MD1A              3

MI1A              1

MN1A              2

MO01              1

MO1A              2

MS1A              1

NC1A              1

NJ1A              1

NY1A              1

NY2A              2

OH11              1

OH1A              2

OH2A              1

OK01              1

OR1A              1

PA1A              2

TN1A              1

TX1A              2

UT11              2

UT1A              5

VA1A              1

WA1A              2

WI01              1