Ruta and others,

The web form for submitting SACO proposals is handy. It however
automates the easy part of a proposing process. That is, once you've
determined all of the content of the proposal, you are ready to use
the form ... and that works for some proposals.

For a complicated proposal, it would be very handy to have an
evolutionary process (like an RLIN or OCLC workform, not just a
wordprocessing form) that could hold the guts of the record while
you await a response from correspondence, or while you're on your
way to the reference department, or while you wait for your
colleague to check that reference work that's only at their branch,
or when you're ready to send it to a reviser. Sure, you can do it in
wordprocessing but the web form cannot be mailed to yourself or a
reviser as it evolves. You can't even copy the form to yourself
which implies that you have to have it in another form to track

As catalogers, we get accustomed to building and revising records in
a more evolutionary process and the web form doesn't make that much

Sherman Clarke
NYU Libraries
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