The Library of Congress Bicentennial Conference on
Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium was both provocative
and extremely productive.  The conference, held on Nov. 15-17,
2000, featured eleven breakout sessions, or topical discussion
groups, that addressed major challenges facing catalogers and their
allies in the vendor and publisher communities.  Each topical
discussion group (TDG) presented a set of recommendations to the
final plenary session of the conference, and the recommendations
were later circulated for additional input from all conference
participants.  The summaries of the TDGs' work, revised to take the
conference participants' comments into account, are now available
on the conference Web site at URL:
<> for all members of the
library and information communities to read.

     The topical discussion groups are:

     1. Choosing Electronic Resources: What Is a Valuable Web

     2. What Are The Continuing Education Needs of Professional

     3a.  What Near-Term Cooperative Partnerships Should Libraries
Explore in the Digital World?

     3b. What Long-Term Cooperative Partnerships Should Libraries
Explore in the Digital World?

     4a. Multiple Versions (Originally titled How Can AACR2 Become
More Responsive to Cataloging Networked Resources on the Web in the

     4b. How Can AACR2 Become More Responsive to Cataloging
Networked Resources on the Web?

     5. What Can the Library Community Offer in Support of Semantic

     6. What Automated Tools Could Assist Libraries to Meet the
Information Needs of Their Users?

     7. What Steps Can The Library Take to Achieve Integrated
Access to the Catalog and Other Discovery Tools?

     8. How Can Libraries Participate More Actively in the
Development of Metadata Standards?

     9. How Can Catalogers and Metadata Providers Ensure that
Resource Descriptions Meet Reference Needs?

     The Library welcomes comments on the TDG recommendations from
interested readers at any time.  Please email comments to John
Byrum, chair of the Conference Organizing Team, at <[log in to unmask] >.
Library management and staff are now developing a plan for
addressing the many recommendations, in order to determine which
are feasible to adopt in the short and long terms.  Some of the
recommendations would require the Library to seek additional
funding or other resources in order to implement them, and some
recommendations are in conflict with each other.  The Library
cannot guarantee that all the recommendations will be carried out,
but it does assure all readers of the conference Web site that
their comments will be considered, as plans evolve.
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