When I use the macro "save as html" present in the ead.mcr macro file for
xmetal2, I get the following message:

*Run-Time Error
*Line 165, Column 0
*Description: Object Expected

The line looks like this:
if (CanRunMacros()) {

At the microsoft website
I found the following information:

JScript object expected
You attempted to pass a non-JScript object to a built-in function that
expects a JScript object. Various built-in functions require objects defined
in JScript (as opposed to objects defined by the host, or an external
component like a control).
To correct this error
*       Ensure that the object you are passing in as a parameter is of the
correct type.

I don't know anything about jscript and was wondering if anyone else came
across the same problem and knew how to solve it?
Maybe I did something wrong?

Thanks very much,
Egbert Efting Dijkstra.

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