You might start with the products listed at

Some are free, some are commercial. Almost all if not all are, at this
stage, relatively immature.

Staff here at Alderman Library are evaluating XYZFind, though the verdict
is still out.


At 02:35 PM 2/7/01 -0600, you wrote:
>As we are planning to convert our Finding Aids from Word to XML, I was
>looking at what kind of search engine we might be able to use to deliver
>them and I came to almost complete halt.  I've started out by looking at
>what seemed to be the most popular search engines: DynaWeb and LiveLink.
>However, DynaWeb is no longer available and LiveLink's search is no
>longer sold as a stand along application.  I've also looked at Isite,
>but it also appears to be no longer available (correct me, if I am wrong
>on this one). Consequently, I was wondering about what applications are
>used by the institutions that are starting the conversion now.  Being a
>small institution, we are looking for something fairly reasonable in
>price.  If someone could put me on the right track, I would greatly
>appreciate it.
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