Dear Government Employee,

National Education Foundation (NEF) CyberLearning, a non-profit organization
dedicated to bridging the Digital Divide since 1994, is offering "No Excuse"
tuition-free on-line training in Information Technology to the first 10,000
applicants.  NEF, nominated for the prestigious Ford Foundation Leadership
Award, offers two on-line programs recently acclaimed by Forbes Magazine as
the "Best of the Web," and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce for
inclusion in the Federal Learning Exchange:

1) Personal Computing (300+ self-study and instructor-led courses including
all Microsoft Office in English and Spanish, Web Design, Lotus Notes,
Internet, E-mail, E-commerce etc, tuition value of $1,000) for a $75
registration fee, the only cost.

2) Information Technology (650+ self-study and instructor-led courses,
including the above and 350+ Certification courses in Microsoft, Cisco,
Oracle, Novell, CompTia, Web Master etc, tuition value of $3,000) for a $270
registration fee, the only cost.

For either program, registration is valid through June 30, 2001 and there
are no tuition costs for classes.  The registrant receives free unlimited
access to the courses, a 24x7 online library, 24x7 tech support, chat areas,
skill tests and evaluations. This is an exceptional value and a great way
for anyone to upgrade IT skills and learn new skills.

 To sign up, visit and click on "PC Scholarships(300+
Courses)" or click on "IT Scholarships (650+ Courses)."  Then, complete the
"Federal and Other Government Employees" application. Many Govenment
agencies reimburse the fee or pay with Purchase Order, since CyberLearning
courses are included in the Federal Learning Exchange. Thousands of Federal
and other government employees, teachers and students are already enrolled
in the program.

To bridge the Digital Divide, NEF also provides "No Excuse" IT training
scholarships to disadvantaged school and college students and teachers
everywhere in the Nation.

Please forward this information to all interested government employees,
schools and colleges. Groups can sign up using government credit card or
Purchase Order.

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About NEF: The non-profit National Education Foundation CyberLearning has
provided tuition-free IT training to thousands of students, teachers,
government and non-profit employees and disadvantaged individuals since

NEF is well on its way to training 100,000 IT professionals and a million
disadvantaged students nationally through its "No Excuse" IT Training
Program. NEF has earned many distinctions including "The Ivy League of IT
Training," "1995 Fairfax Human Rights Award," and " A Leader in Bridging the
Digital Divide."

"You are helping to empower America. I salute you for your ongoing
commitment to creating a better America," --- Former President Clinton

"Congratulations on a wonderful program," --- Congressional Leader Tom Davis

"This is an awesome opportunity. You are making a difference."--

"NEF can make a positive  difference in the lives of a great number of
individuals." --- Microsoft

" The best online IT training program I have come across. I am using it to
train my students in IT certification," --- Doug Bertain, Palo Alto High
School IT Teacher

" I just want to say thank you on behalf of the many people that benefit
from your incredible benevolence."
--- Lilia Nunez, a registrant and a Digital Divide program beneficiary

"I have found the CyberLearning online courses to be extremely easy and
useful. I liked pre-course self-assessment and IT books online and available
The course screens were interactive and made me feel as if I was in the
application itself. The site looks and feels very professional. The list of
courses is huge. It includes something for almost everyone. I find this to
be a very worthy cause."
--- Ken Horowitz, IT Training Coordinator