EAD enthusiasts,

The 67 submissions for changes to the EAD DTD are now available from the official EAD web site (http://lcweb.loc.gov/ead/). Follow the 2001 EAD DTD Revision Suggestions link.  The submission period is now over. 

The submissions range from suggestions for minor wording changes in Tag Library definitions to new elements and changes to existing elements, several for compliance with the second edition of ISAD(G).  As you review the submissions, you'll notice that there is some overlap and that there are variant suggestions for dealing with the same issue.  The Working Group will meet  April 27-29 to discuss and reconcile the submissions.  We encourage you to send comments and questions to this listserv before that meeting.  Please reference the submission number(s) in your comments.  

Thanks to all who submitted suggestions!  The Working Group appreciates your contributions to EAD.


Kris Kiesling
Chair, SAA EAD Working Group
Chair, SAA Standards Committee
Head, Department of Manuscripts and Archives
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX  78713-7219
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