> 1.  Sounds like XMetal software will have to be configured
> for EAD.  Who
> will do that?

> 2.  If the finding aids are put in EAD, using XMetal, how and
> where will
> they be displayed.  They will probably be converted into
> HTML; does XMetal
> do that as well?
>   I know it doesn't, but can somebody explain that step and
> any systems
> support that is required to do it?

Use the stylesheets provided by list members for 'external' display.
use internal stylesheets so it 'looks right' when editing.

> 3.  What kind and how much technical support from the Systems Division
> in the Library is required to create EAD-encoded finding
> aids, select an
> appropriate XSL  stylesheet, transform the EAD files into
> HTML and mount
> files for web access.

Sounds like you want to hire somebody instead of having the fun
of learning.