Thanks for your reply. I've taken the EAD workshop given last year in
Bellingham by SAA and looked at the EAD Cookbook.  Your adivce is
worthwile and others have given similar suggestions.


On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Chris Prom wrote:

> George,
> I would also recommend using the EAD Cookbook.  If you do, you will find
> that very little technical support is needed and that you will be able to
> do what you want with fairly little effort. It is not very hard to learn
> if you have the tag library, application guidelines, and cookbook files.
> (At least I learned it from scratch without any prior EAD or
> computer programming knowledge.)  Without the cookbook, you will probably
> run into many more problems, especially with display.  The cookbook has
> the added advantage of using tags according to best-practices.
> Chris
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