MessageLabs detected a possible virus or unauthorised code (such
as a joke program or trojan) in an email sent by you.

Please read this whole email carefully and forward it to your IT
manager. This message explains what has happened to your email,
which virus has been detected, and what to do if you need help.

What should you do now?

Contact your Helpdesk or IT Manager for advice, the details
given below will assist in disinfection of your workstation.

If the email originated from a personal or home account, you
may need to disinfect your computer yourself. To do this you
will need anti-virus software.

Message details for the IT Manager

To help identify the email:

The message was titled 'Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!'
The message date was Mon, 19 Mar 2001 09:40:06 -0600
The message recipients were
    [log in to unmask]
    [log in to unmask]
    [log in to unmask]

The virus was identified as:

        Found the W32/[email protected] virus !!!

The message was diverted into the MessageLabs virus
holding pen on mail server (id 667837_985017148)
and will be held for 30 days before being destroyed.

For more information

MessageLabs provide virus scanning at the Internet level as
a centrally managed and hosted service.
If you are interested in finding out more about the service,
please email us at [log in to unmask] and send us your
contact details and a MessageLabs Representative will be in
contact with you shortly. Alternatively, you can call us directly
on freephone 0800 917 77 33 or visit our website

You also may like to read our Support FAQs at
These will answer many of the most common queries.

If you already have Anti-Virus software installed on your
workstation and are wondering why it failed to detect this please
be aware that MessageLabs use state-of-the-art detection techniques
and are the world leaders in early detection & response - we scan for
viruses before they enter your network boundaries.  It is likely
that your current Anti-Virus software is not as up to date. If you
believe this message to be a false alarm or you require further
assistance please email MessageLabs Support at:-

    [log in to unmask]

or contact MessageLabs Helpdesk by telephone on:-
        +44 (0) 1285 884466

Please quote the following Virus Pen ID when contacting Support.
<<< mail server (id 667837_985017148) >>>.
If emailing, please attach a copy of this entire email.

This message has been checked for all known viruses by the
MessageLabs Virus Control Centre. For further information visit