This is from the EAD web site, listserve information.  There is a contact
there. Since this is an unmoderated list, it's probably difficult to get any
workable reply just by sending to the list.


Please contact the following Network Development & MARC Standards Office staff
for questions related to operations of EAD or if you have technical problems
with your subscription.

                                       Contact: [log in to unmask] (Randall K. Barry

Maybe if they get enough complaints we will stop getting this nonsense from
hahaha or anyone else.  I enjoy the list and find it useful but get tired of
having to delete so many messages because some idiot got hold of our names.

Lesli Zimmerman
Sr. Technical Metadata Specialist
University of Tennesssee

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> The frequent distribution of this virus on the EAD list is getting to be a
> pain.
> Listowner, the following are the keywords you need to insert in the header
> of the EAD list so that all attachments will be automatically rejected:
>      Attachments= No,Filter
> It's unbelievably simple to do this, and takes about 5 seconds to
> accomplish.  And it saves a lot of people a lot of headaches, and a few
> people some serious crises.
> Please adjust the list as soon as you can.
> Bob Kosovsky, Librarian
> Music Division -- The New York Public Library
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Lesli Zimmerman
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