Let me just thank everyone who has jumped into the discussion on this
thread. Though the posts between Kelcy and myself were unintentionally
directed to the list, the resulting conversation has helped me
tremendously. I will be following up with various good folks (off list,
mind you!) very soon.

Thanks again -- Amy Cooper

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Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2001 11:53 am
Subject: Re: Apologies unnecessary

> This message is directed to Kelcy but is intended for the entire
> list! It was of course evident that you oops'd on sending your
> reply to Amy, but on the other hand, the things you said may have
> been valuable for the list to hear. People who run big consortial
> projects are by definition veeeeery busy people (aren't we all?)
> who could spend their days responding to general inquiries. When
> you send a message to an open list and don't get much of a
> response, my advice is to FIRST, make your questions more specific
> (who has the time to answer the "how has it gone?" question?) so
> that your respondents have something explicit to focus on, and
> SECOND, target a few known experts to send your question to
> personally, asking them also for names of others. But never do the
> 2nd without first doing the 1st! :) Best to all-- Jackie Dooley
> Kelcy Shepherd wrote:
> > Earlier today I sent a message to the list that was intended as
> a personal communication to Amy Cooper. Please excuse my mistake.
> I guess those two days off for snow have really warped my brain.
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