Since there was interest, I will share the responses from others to my question about news alert services.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond.

I should have been clearer in my posting, however. Our specific need is for a _push_ service, wherein you set up categories and receive email notifications of new additions, rather than those were you go to a site or database and pick up what's there.

The following may be a mixture of both _push_ and _pull_:

* CNN provides a good "pull" technology free product, called my CNN.  Once you register (free) you can set up myCNN to automatically bring up articles from the areas you're interested in.

* For paid "push" services, both Lexis-Nexis and Dialog provide e-mail "alerts".  These have to be set up, but once they get going they're pretty good.

* Factiva

* Clipping services  - Burelle's, and Bacon's

* Yahoo's news alerts

* NewsEdge
* Top News Headlines, a free news service that
can be searched by subject. Both of these services have to be monitored by
someone since they do not deliver information to your mailbox.

* Fedlink's page of news vendors

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Pls summarize the responses you receive for the list.

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> Hi,
>         Do any of you have recommendations for an online delivery service
> of news "clippings"?  We are interested in selecting categories or topics
> for news stories in advance, but want them from newswires and same day
> sources, rather than things already in print - to get a jump on the news
> that will be hitting print later on.   Does that make sense?  I hope
> that's somewhat clear.  Please contact me directly with ideas, unless you
> think they would be of sufficient interest to the list.
>         Thanks,
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