The FLICC Budget and Finance Working Group would like your
organization's input into FEDLINK's Fiscal Year 2002 budget and fee
planning process.

In Fiscal Year 2002, FEDLINK will begin its first year as a revolving
fund under P.L. 106-481. (To view P.L. 106-481, point your browser to
and then scroll down the numerical list to #481.)  Based on a
preliminary legal opinion, we are anticipating some additional
flexibility with members' transfer pay accounts - perhaps even with
unused balances on orders from FY97 through FY2001 when members
continue to have a bona fide need for the types of products and
services ordered in those prior years.  FEDLINK will announce all
changes in opportunities and processes as soon as the final legal
opinion has been issued.

Your answers to a brief questionnaire will help the FLICC Budget and
Finance Working Group and the FEDLINK staff plan for potential changes
and construct revenue projections, the FEDLINK fee structure and the
Fiscal Year 2002 Budget proposal for our first year under the FEDLINK
Revolving Fund.

To participate in the questionnaire, point your Internet browser to
 Please respond to this questionnaire by March 30, 2001. There should
be only one response for each FEDLINK ID.

The FLICC Budget and Finance Working Group will present the Fiscal
Year 2002 budget and fee proposal at the semi-annual FEDLINK
membership meeting on April 17, 2001 and mail it to all members for
formal comment in June 2001.