On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, John Clews wrote:

> Please could somebody enlighten me as to the current status of the
> standard NISO Z39.53:1994 Language Codes - a code list for the
> representation of names of written languages?

A revision is currently out for ballot by the NISO members. Ballot
period: 9 Feb.-23 Mar. 2001. The revision is consistent with ISO 639-2/B
(codes, not necessarily language names).

> Is it current or withdrawn?
> Also, who is the chair of the NISO working group responsible for this
> standard?

I prepared the revision with the assistance of Millie Wewerka. NISO felt
that a working group was not needed, since it was going to be in sync with
the existing ISO standard.  The Library of Congress is the maintenance
agency of NISO Z39.53.


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