Network Bulletin No. 01-17

Date:           April 20, 2001

Subject:        Readership and circulation

Index term:     Semiannual reports due

Enclosed are reader and circulation report forms for the
period October 1, 2000- March 31, 2001.  These reports are
due by __May 7, 2001.__  Please send them to the Reference
Section.  Subregional libraries should first send their
reports to their regional libraries.

Libraries have the option of submitting reader and
circulation reports generated by their automated systems in
lieu of NLS report forms.

Libraries with NLSNET have been using the Internet to
transmit these reports. While NLSNET is no longer supported
by NLS (Automation Report 99-03), some libraries have been
successful in creating and sending other data via NLSNET
(TIE message 00-01).

Libraries that submit their reports via the Internet or fax
do not have to send them in the mail.

Please review Section 9.2.1 (rev. 02/93) of the __Network
Library Manual__ for procedures on reporting these
statistics. Also review instructions on the back of the
forms about reporting increases and decreases since the last
fiscal year.

[Enclosures: This bulletin contained an enclosure that was
mailed to the network on April 20, 2001.]

For further information contact:

Barbara Peterman
Management Analyst
Reference Section