Focus on Native Americans No. 01-01

Date:     Spring 2001

Subject:  Native Speakers et al.

__Native Speakers__
NLS is looking for people who speak Native dialects to help
ensure accurate pronunciation of Indian languages in book
narration.  Narrators contact these authorities by
telephone, and more than one source is desirable.  If you
know people who may be interested in providing this
assistance in their languages, please forward their names
and phone numbers to David Whittall (Potawatomi), network
consultant, ( 202) 707-9258, or e-mail at [log in to unmask]

__National Braille Press Children's Braille Book__
Becky Ray McCain's __Grandmother's Dreamcatcher__ was the
December 2000 selection for the National Braille Press
Children's Braille Book Club.  In this story, a Chippewa
grandmother shows her granddaughter how to make a
dreamcatcher, while telling her about the power the talisman
can hold.  The print-braille book includes a Woodland Indian
Dreamcatcher Kit.  The kit has instructions in braille and
large print and materials to make one dreamcatcher:  hoop,
feather, beads and string.  The set is $15.95 and is
available from National Braille Press, 88 St. Stephen
Street, Boston, MA 02115, 800-548-7323, ext. 20, or
[log in to unmask]

__Canadian National Institute for the Blind__
The Canadian National Institute for the Blind's Mobile Eye
Care Unit, known as the Eye Van, won the 2000 SHARE Award
for Innovation.  This $200,000 grant supports the state-of-
the-art, vision-screening van in providing essential eye
care services to people living in northern Ontario.  It will
enhance services to Native seniors in their own communities.

CNIB has initiated several projects across Canada in an
effort to improve relationships with the Native population
and expand outreach services to them. CNIB presented a
report covering two recent projects at the Fifth Assembly
meeting of the World Blind Union.  The report,__ The Story
of Discovery: Working in Collaboration with Canadian
Aboriginal Communities__ was presented by Catharine McFee,
assistant executive director, Alberta NWT Nunavut Division.
It is available online at
CNIB defines persons of Aboriginal descent to include all
persons with Metis, First Nations, Indian, or Inuit

The Oregon State Library Talking Book and Braille Services
recently compiled three bibliographies on __Native
Americans.__They are Native American Fiction: Juvenile;Native
American Fiction: Adult; and Native American Non-
Fiction: Adult.__ Print copies are available from the Oregon
State Library Talking Book and Braille Services, 250 Winter
Street NE, Salem OR 97301, (503) 378-3849.

__Educational Programs__
The Cradleboard Teaching Project is a program of the Nihewan
Foundation to promote American Indian culture to Indian and
non-Indian children.  It was founded by Buffy Sainte-Marie
in 1996 and provides curriculum and interactive media
materials to teach Native American studies in grades 3-12.
__Science: Through Native American Eyes__is the first
curriculum CD-ROM and addresses the principles underlying
sound, friction, and lodge construction. For further
information and material, contact Cradleboard Teaching
Project, 1191 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa,  HI  96746, (808) 822-
3111, (808) 821-1107 fax; or on the Internet at

The mission of the program, "If I Can Read, I Can Do
Anything," is to assist libraries serving Native American
children with increasing reading skills while preserving
Indian identity through family literacy programs.   Sponsors
include the American Library Association, Pueblo of Laguna
(New Mexico), the Tocker Foundation, and participating
schools in Arizona, New Mexico, and Montana.  For further
information contact Dr. Loriene Roy, Professor, Graduate
School of Library and Information Science, The University of
Texas at Austin SZB 564, Austin, TX 78712: (512) 471-3959;
(512) 471-3971 fax; or on the Internet at

__National Museum of the American Indian ( NMAI)
__NMAI Insight__is a new semiannual newsletter for charter
members of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American
Indian.  The first issue was published December 2000.  For
further information see < edu/nmai>.
The National Museum of the American Indian Commemorative
Coin Act of 2000 was passed by the U.S. Senate in 2000.
Sponsored by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell and
Representative Frank Lucas in the U.S. House of
Representatives, the bill calls for minting a silver dollar
that will carry a design interpreted from the original
buffalo nickel.  The U.S. Mint is authorized to create up to
500,000 of the new silver dollars, and sales of the coins
will benefit the NMAI.  To purchase the coin  contact the U.
S. Mint at 800-USA-MINT or <>.

__Reference books__
ABC-CLIO, <>, has published several
reference books on varied subjects dealing with Native
Americans in print and electronic format.  Two of the titles

Barry M.Pritzher,__Native Americans: An Encyclopedia of
History, Culture, and Peoples,__1998. 2v. $175 print; $235
eBook. (isbn 0874368367).

Gary A. Sokolow,__Native Americans and the Law: A
Dictionary,__2000.  278p. $55 print; $65 eBook. (isbn 0-
874368774). For further information and a catalog contact:
ABC-CLIO,  P.O. Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116, 800-368-

Facts on File. Inc., <>, has updated and
expanded its CD-ROM__ The American Indian History and
Culture: An Online Encyclopedia.__The CD-ROM includes search
options for basic tribe, culture area, topic, biography, and
era, as well as a timeline.  For further information and
price contact Facts on File Inc., 11 Penn Plaza, New York,
NY, 10001, 800-322-8755.