Following the BIBCO Operations Committee meeting where I received excellent
feedback regarding the
draft of the BIBCO Participants' Manual, I would like to hear from BIBCO
catalogers using MeSH and/or NLM classification. Please excuse my total
ignorance of this topic. I am writing to the list to try to
get the correct information more quickly than I would be able to find it on
my own.

1) Does MeSH provide a mechanism, such as SACO, for catalogers wishing to
suggest a new term in the thesaurus?

2) Does NLM accept proposals for new classification numbers from the
broader community and, if so, what mechanism do they have in place for
receiving the proposals?

3) What manuals do you use to assist you with applying MeSH and NLM? Are
they available on the Web, as well as in print, and what are the URLs?

Thanks for your assistance and tolerance of my LC-centricity.

Carol Hixson
Chair, PCC Standing Committee on Training