FYI BIBCO Participants:

All documents for the BIBCO and the Joint BIBCO/CONSER Operations
Committee Meeting have been posted and linked to the OpCo Agenda:

Of special note are the "BIBCO Core Record Study: Preliminary Report"
submitted by David Banush, Cornell University Library
and the final reports of the SCT task groups which have been posted most
recently to the SCT homepage;
the Task Group on Educational Needs of the Cataloging Community
and the Task Group on NACO Continuing Education

The May 4th BIBCO OpCo meeting will include a working session to review
the draft of the BIBCO Participants' Manual

All BIBCO participants are invited and encouraged to examine the
contents of this document and to send comments, suggestions, etc. to the
Chair of the SCT Carol Hixson <[log in to unmask]> or to Ana
Cristán <[log in to unmask]>