Dear Fellows,

We are moving into the second phase of the redesign of  the Learning
Page. You can be of great help to us as we implement our new design.

Your SPEEDY <grin> feedback will be greatly appreciated. If you are
still in school, will you please grab one or two novice users of the
American Memory Web site and share their feedback as well as your

So here's the dilemma....
You are visiting a collection in American Memory, like Baseball
Cards, 1887-1914 <>.
You scroll to the bottom of the page and see the Learning Page light
bulb logo beside this text link:  "Learn More: Collection Connections"

The question is...What would you expect to find when you click on this link?

Thanks for your SPEEDY feedback! :-)

Leni, Class of 97
Leni Donlan
The Learning Page
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