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Team Leaders (C-Team) Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2001


1. Carol H. will leave for San Francisco next Tuesday to conduct BIBCO
training prior to the ALA annual conference.

2. Carol H., Sara B., Shirien C. and the library administration met with
the representatives from 4-J school district to discuss the implementation
of a library online system that will serve all the 4-J schools.  The system
will include circulation and cataloging modules.  Both parties agreed that
the best option would be for 4-J to acquire a standalone system from the
Innovative Interfaces.  In the next meeting scheduled in July the UO
library representatives will provide consultation to help 4-J strategize
negotiations with Innovative.  The University of Oregon Library is
committed to help 4-J school district with the implementation and startup
of the new online system.

3. Carol L. reported that the preservation/binding unit hired Hilary to
fill the position vacated by Marie's retirement.  It is great that they
have a full staff again!

4. More people have recently experienced the frustration of being unable to
log onto OCLC.  Carol H. and Terry will investigate whether or not opening
multiple OCLC sessions adversely affect other users' accessing OCLC.

5. Carol H. will respond to OCLC authority control questionnaire on behalf
of the library.  The general feeling was that we would not need to be
notified about the changes in authority records or deletions, since we will
discover the updates and changes when a heading is used again in
bibliographic records.


6. The group reviewed and approved the revised thesis cataloging routine
authored by Terry.  Please read the revised routine, and the highlights in
the routine include:

-- Verify the department name.  See thesis authority file (currently a box
of file cards in the Non-book Team area) for authorized form of name for
departments, schools and programs.

-- Locations for thesis.  Order records for all theses have the location
"Knight".  Catalogers are responsible for sending theses to the proper
location, based on the department granting the degree.  See thesis
authority file for designated locations associated with departments.

-- Master theses with UMI copies.  Most mater theses will not have
electronic copies available.  A few master theses are sent to UMI and will
need the 530 and 856 fields added.  Such theses are designated by an
asterisk on the list in the thesis sign-out book.  Terry created a new
constant data record to add those two fields.  It is named "umimast" as it
will be used for "masters which have been sent to "umi".  Just use the
command "acd umimast var" after you've called up a workform and applied the
regular constant data record.

-- OCLC cleanup.  After exporting thesis record to Janus, lock the master
record in OCLC, remove 730 thesis title tracing, and replace master record.

7. Lori will be attending the ORBIS Catalog Committee meeting this Friday.
A main topic of the meeting will be electronic resources.  Innovative has
come up with a way to display multiple URLs from all libraries in Orbis.
If you have any comments related to this topic, please let Lori know soon.

8. Terry raised a question whether or not to add a monographic record for a
database that has been cataloged as serial, or whether we should ask OCLC
to change the serial record to a monographic record.  Terry will consult
OCLC about this issue.

9. Normandy proposed to input brief records in Janus for uncataloged
manuscripts as a mechanism of inventory control.  The group thought it was
a good idea.

10. Bruce brought up a cataloging question that involved a Danish author
who lived in Denmark and England, and published in both Danish and English
under different names.  It is unclear whether the Danish language work we
have is actually a translation of the English original, or, a true Danish
version.  Carol H. suggested that Bruce consult CPSO about this case if the
book would be cataloged on a PCC record.

11. Carol L. mentioned that some computer science journals are being
transferred out of Science Library and housed in the basement of the Math
Library.  We need
to have better control of this transfer process.

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