Hi list,

we've been trying to figure out for a while now what character
encoding in xml EAD Finding Aids constitutes a widely accepted best
practise which works with most delivery systems. The core characters
I'm most worried about all come from the Latin 1 set, but I also
wouldn't mind having a system in place that's scalable to a much
wider set of special characters such as represented by Unicode. The
options we've entertained:

(1) Replacing special characters with numeric entities (hex or dec)
(2) Saving the finding aid as Unicode UTF-8

I'd be interested in hearing anything ranging from how you transcode
your finding aids to conform to a certain standard to what the
problems in delivery are (platforms, browser version, fonts etc).

Any and all input is very much appreciated,

Guenter Waibel
Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive
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