No, it was a new install.

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Just curious:

Did you upgrade from XMetaL 1.2?

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We have 2.1 and it works just fine with Page Preview. I don't know why our
situation would be any different than anybody else's, but if you want a copy
of the macro and stylesheet we use, I'd be happy to provide.

Elizabeth Perkes
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We had the same problem ourselves when we upgraded XMetaL 2.0 to 2.1.
After an afternoon of tinkering with various microsoft patches and
e-mailing Michael Fox, I ended up uninstalling everything and just
re-installing the program as 2.0.  The page preview feature works fine in

If a new 2.1 macro file is not added to the cookbook, it might not be a
bad idea to add a line warning XMetaL 2.1 users that the page preview
macros might not function correctly with the macros provided.

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On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Michael Rush wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have run into a problem installing the EAD Cookbook into XMetaL 2.1.  I
> have double checked and am confident that I have copied the appropriate
> files into the appropriate folders.  Our network administrator reinstalled
> the software and double checked the upgrade.  I was once able to install
> Cookbook in XMetaL 1.2 at a different institution, so I am stumped.
> The crux of the problem is that the page preview option generates an
> Specifically, the dialog box says, "Automation server can't create
> and refers me to Line 38, Column 2 of the ead.mcr file which is the middle
> line of the following command:
>  // Apply XSLT stylesheet
>   var xt = new ActiveXObject("XT.Application");
>   xt.transform( xmlPath, xslPath, htmPath );
> Has anyone else run into this problem?  Our net admin talked with Softquad
> and they weren't too helpful, but perhaps I will have to speak with them
> myself.
> Any help will be appreciated.  My apologies if this has already come up on
> the list; the link to the list archives from the LoC page is not working.
> Mike
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