When we encounter an LC in-process record that appears to be languishing, we have two possible outcomes available to us.
    1) If we do not have the in-house expertise to complete the record, I contact our LC liaison and ask if it might be possible to move the title along.
    2) If we *can* finish it off, we do.  I then send an email to our LC liaison stating that we have completed LCCN 99-xxxxxxx  and that it is now available in OCLC if they wish to import it into their system.
    I recognize that this last step is merely a courtesy, but I figure if they, on occasion, will speed something along, I can repay the kindness by letting them know that I've done the same.


"Joachim, Martin" wrote:

 Colleagues,        I'd like to know how others are dealing with in-process records found in the LC database.  Do you just put your book aside and wait?  Do you have a time limit before cataloging an item yourself?  What's a reasonable period of time to wait before doing it yourself?  I have in hand a work by a 15th century Sicilian and written in the Sicilian dialect.  It would be easy to go ahead and finish it off myself; it's been in process at LC since April.  Note to LC folks: Do you routinely search again for copy before completing an in-process record?        Marty Joachim        Indiana University Libraries