First of all,

Thank you for all the help you've given me about the XT/XSLT problem with
Xmetal 2.1  I don't have a solution yet but am waiting to hear back from
SoftQuad...also waiting for the Archives to come back up.  I know you are
all busy and I'm sure there's a discussion of this in the EAD list
Archives, but see above....

I have some basic questions about why EAD that if someone has time I would
love to hear some thoughts on.  In talking over EAD with computer people
outside the Archives world, I've heard a few questions about XML's
longevity.  Is EAD going to be around a long time?  We're an Archives, but
like most Archives in Academic Institutions, we're embedded in the
library.  So I have to answer to and persuade library administration that
EAD will be worth the commitment.  We're in the lucky (or very unlucky,
depending on your perspective) position of having few existing finding
aids and we're now creating them.  It seems like a good time to get
started with EAD and "do it right the first time," but also given the
mountain of material to wade through...anything that slows us up is a

I would love to hear some thoughts from others wrestling with these
questions, or who've already decided and can give perspective.  I would
also love to hear from those in 1 to 2 person archives without a lot of
technical support for XML.

Thank you,

Deborah S. Davis, Archives Librarian
Odum Library, Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA   31698-0150
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(912) 333-7150