Hi Chris,

I got a chance to get on your survey wet site.  Because your survey has
important value and you plan to publish it, I would like to give you three
suggestions.  Hope you don't mind.

1.  How are you going to determine your survey population?
2.  How did you come up with your questionnaire questions?
2.  Have you done a pretest on your questionnaire?

I believe you have thought about these.  Don't need to reply.


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Subject: EAD Cookbook Use

I am conducting a web-based survey regarding EAD encoding
practices and attitudes among those using the EAD Cookbook.
Anyone who uses or has used the Cookbook is invited to
participate.  I strongly hope to encourage as wide a response
as possible.

10-30 minutes will be needed to complete the survey, depending
on the length of your answers.

The survey is accessible through the following web address,
which loads a brief consent form before taking you to the
actual survey:

Thank you,


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