You might want to read an article by Elizabeth H. Dow in the Fall 1997 issue
of the American Archivist entitled, "EAD and the Small Repository."  This
article was reprinted in a volume on the context and theory of EAD as well.
This is a case study of the implementation of EAD in a small academic
arcives staffed by one faculty member and two undergraduates, all part-time.

Michael J. Duffy
M.L.I.S./M.Mus. Candidate
Dominican University/Northwestern University
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>We've been exploring this also, so I'd be interested in hearing any

>John D. Thiesen
>Bethel College
>North Newton, KS

>At 10:23 AM 7/19/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>Is there anyone using EAD to automatic their archives in a small
>>academic library? We are beginning the thought process for automating
>>our archives and are currently reviewing different scenarios.  I would
>>be interested to know more about anyone's experience. I am working with
>>a 1 person staff. I have several questions. I am most interested in
>>someone in the Boston area but would also like to talk to others.
>>Kristi Warab
>>Wheelock College
>>Technical Services Librarain
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