Dear Kristi,

The EAD Roundtable meeting during SAA this year will feature a presentation by
Kelcy Shepherd, Project Director for the Five College On-Line Finding Aids
Access Project, entitled "Does Size Really Matter? EAD Collaboration Among Small
Institutions."  I hope you will be able to join us.

Naomi Nelson
Chair, EAD Roundtable

Michael Duffy wrote:

> You might want to read an article by Elizabeth H. Dow in the Fall 1997 issue
> of the American Archivist entitled, "EAD and the Small Repository."  This
> article was reprinted in a volume on the context and theory of EAD as well.
> This is a case study of the implementation of EAD in a small academic
> arcives staffed by one faculty member and two undergraduates, all part-time.
> Michael J. Duffy
> M.L.I.S./M.Mus. Candidate
> Dominican University/Northwestern University
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> >We've been exploring this also, so I'd be interested in hearing any
> >responses.
> >John D. Thiesen
> >Bethel College
> >North Newton, KS
> >At 10:23 AM 7/19/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >>Is there anyone using EAD to automatic their archives in a small
> >>academic library? We are beginning the thought process for automating
> >>our archives and are currently reviewing different scenarios.  I would
> >>be interested to know more about anyone's experience. I am working with
> >>a 1 person staff. I have several questions. I am most interested in
> >>someone in the Boston area but would also like to talk to others.
> >>
> >>Kristi Warab
> >>Wheelock College
> >>Technical Services Librarain
> >>617-879-2221
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