I encountered this problem a few months ago and there was a very helpful
discussion of it on the list.  The short of it is that the EAD Cookbook was
written for XMetaL 1.2 which used the application XT (hence the reference to
("XT.Application") in your error message) as the XSLT processor that
generates the html for the page preview.  The versions 2.0 and above of
XMetaL no longer use XT but rather MSXML, the less stable Microsoft
equivalent.  A search of the list archives (once they are up and running
again) of the terms "page preview error" should probably yeild the pertinent

Options include continuing to use version 1.2, rewriting the macro,
reinstalling XMetaL and instructing it to continue to use XT, or waiting for
a revision of the Cookbook that will address this.

I have yet to settle on a solution myself, but I will be forced to do so
soon.  Let me know how you address the problem.

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> Subject: error message X metal Page preview
> Thank you all for your help so far.  Earlier problems are solved and I've
> made a finding aid using the corporatename template, which worked well.
> I've downloaded ead.mcr as described in Cookbook 7.2.1  I also downloaded
> 2 stylesheets.  The file ead.mcr is in the Macros subdirectory and the
> stylesheets are in the Display subdirectory.
> My problem is that when I do Page preview I get an error message:
>  // Apply XSLT stylesheet
>   var xt = new ActiveXObject("XT.Application");
>   xt.transform( xmlPath, xslPath, htmPath );
> It says that the problem is in this line and offeres me the chance to edit
> it, but I'm afraid to.
> Could anyone tell me what the problem is or a way to work around it.  I
> would be appreciate it.
> thanks,
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