Wednesday, July 11, 2001

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        PCC Participants' Meeting
[ ] is now
available on the PCC Website.  This document encapsulates the essence
of the oft-spoken about Sunday night program and how this year's event
sparked much discussion as it related to the utilities wishlist
generated by program participants.  This is a must read!

        The Semi-Annual BIBCO-At-Large meeting was held at ALA Annual
Conference in San Francisco.  Please find the full report of the
meeting at: ] to
capture the much-talked about discussion of integrating resources.

        The Standing Committee on Training (SCT) has submitted its
final report of the meeting held in conjunction with ALA [ ].  The report
identitifies action items and the anticipated deadlines for the SCT.

        The BIBCO Core Record Study: Final Report prepared for the PCC
Policy Committee by David Banush (Cornell) [ ] is now
available.  This fascinating report points to statistical evidence
about attitudes of both managers and catalogers on the use of the core
record in cataloging.  The report includes the methodology used for
the study, specific uses of core, copy cataloging, and future
directions. Be sure not to miss the conclusions reached from this
invaluable study.

        Valerie Bross ([log in to unmask] ) Co-chair, Task Group
on Implementation of Integrating Resources, has mounted a survey on
the Web welcoming all librarians who are creating or managing catalog
records for loose-leafs, web sites, databases, and other integrating
resources to share their opinions/attitudes about integrating
resources by responding to ten queries.  Responses are to be returned
by July 20, 2001.  The survey is at:

        Please check the various rosters (PCC [BIBCO/NACO]) Liaisons,
Committee memberships, Funnel projects, etc. to verify that contact
information is correct.  Please ascertain that indeed the liaison is
still current, the address is valid, the phone (especially area code)
remains the same, and that the email address still uses the same
server!  No detail is too minute to bring to the attention of the PCC
Secretariat Webmaster!   And please note that the BIBCO list now
includes automation system information for each institution to comply
with the SCA request.

        Remember, check back often with this dynamic Web site.  The
newest FAQs, latest cataloging trends, and up-to-date news about
cooperative efforts are only a finger-click away!

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