At the recent ALA Annual Conference, Marg Stewart, chief, NLC Standards
and Support, announced that access to the AMICUS database
is now OFFICIALLY free and available for searching without
registration.  Below is the announcement to that effect posted to the
NLC web site.

        Those of you who had previously communicated with the Coop Team
concerning the need to register and the problems associated with that
procedure are again encouraged to use AMICUS on the web
< > when establishing Canadian headings for
        In order to search the AMICUS authority file registration is still
necessary, but the paperwork involved in that procedure has been changed
to reflect that there is no cost, etc. and therefore should be less
problematic.  Nonetheless, NACO catalogers should be aware that a
heading used on an NLC (040=CaOONL) bibliographic record is sufficient
verification for the form of a heading in a name authority record and
therefore, searching the NLC authority file is not a NACO requirement.

        Corporate body headings not found in AMICUS or complex corporate
heading situations should continue to be reported to the NACO Liaison at

        Questions, comments, etc. on the announcement below may be sent
directly to me at [log in to unmask]

Date: June 15, 2001:

At the annual conference of the Canadian Library Association,
Mr. Carrier, the National Librarian of Canada has announced that
AMICUS is now available free of charge.

AMICUS, which includes the catalogue of the National Library of
Canada as well as records for items held in all of Canada's major
research libraries, had been available only to the clients that could
afford the subscription fee. This barrier has now been eliminated.

"We have made the AMICUS system open and flexible," said Judith
Prindiville, director of AMICUS client services. "All the basic
functions are now available to everyone without charge and without
We hope everyone tries it."
To personalize the interface, download records, or send interlibrary
loan requests, registration will still be required but the functions
will be available at no cost.

So have a look at AMICUS Web at
Ana Cristán
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