I won't link to the schema yet.  Too many outstanding issues and
inconsistencies.  I'll be away next week and when I get back, hopefully you all
will have it all resolved!

Among the issues: I would strongly oppose adding a database name. The database
name in ZNG is analogous to the host in Z39.50 and we don't specify the host in
the request. This was a huge simplification that I hope we don't back out of.
Regarding number of records in response -- I presume that was a clerical error.
The rest of these you all can argue over.  --Ray

"LeVan,Ralph" wrote:

> I have some problems with this schema.
> There is a DatabaseName in the request.  This is unnecessary.  The target
> for the request is the database.
> NoOfRecordsInResponse is unnecessary.  I never liked it in Z39.50 Classic
> either.
> The ResponseSchemaID should not be necessary.  You've already determined the
> response schema by the time you encounter the element.
> Similarly, the record schema ID needs to be part of the record.
> ResultSetID needs to be a structured element if we are going to include a
> TimeToLive value.
> StartRecordNo in the response is unnecessary.  It is either StartRecordNo
> from the request or 1 if none was specified in the request.
> ResponseDiagnostic needs to be structured with a Z39.50 integer code and
> addinfo.  I wouldn't mind adding an optional human diagnostic, but I think
> we need to be sure to add an explicit language indication.  The human
> diagnostic probably needs to be repeatable.
> No ZNGRequestID, please.
> Ralph

Ray Denenberg
Library of Congress
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