John, and all BIBCO stats reporters,  I beg John's forgiveness for using his
message, but I find it to be a teaching opportunity.

1. It's great that John checked his online stats and found and reported the
missing numbers!  Good example to follow!
2. My research shows that we received 2 reports on January 4, 2001, one for
Nov 2000 and one for Dec 2000.  The automated program can count only one
report per month, so the values in the other report were just lost.  All the
BIBCO reports appear in a file with CONSER reports also, so sometimes our
human eyes don't recognize that two reports from Oberlin represent double
BIBCO reports and not one BIBCO and one CONSER report (Oberlin isn't in
3.  John added Jan, Feb, and March together and reported them in March.
That's exactly the right thing to do when catching up after a gap.  Submit one
report per month, including anything you haven't yet reported.
4.  No July reports are visible on the web yet, because we haven't manually
pushed the button for the automated program to show the incoming July reports
on the web site.  John, we've received and recorded your July stats on our
manually produced spreadsheet we use internally.

Thanks again to all for being patient with our hybrid manual-automated
statistics system.

Carolyn Sturtevant
LC Coop Team
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"John M. Sluk" wrote:

> Carolyn,
> October and November are fine (it's difficult to align the columns with
> the data, but what is on the web page matches what I have for those two
> months). Oberlin's December stats are missing, however.

> I sent combined stats for Jan-Mar, and Apr-May, and separate stats for
> June. These are fine. I also sent a separate report for July, which I
> don't see on the web page.