BIBCO Participants:

As a result of the recent discussion on this list initiated by
Marty Joachim (Indiana University) in re: how to "move LC in-process"
records along, we at LC have been discussing the lack of a
mechanism to take advantage of upgrades performed in the
utilities by the BIBCO libraries and how this might be

Building on Richard Amelung's (St. Louis Univ. Law School)
suggestion to notify LC when an upgrade to an LC in-process
record has taken place, the following procedure is proposed:

        Upon upgrading an LC in-process bibliographic record
        the BIBCO library would send a message to their LC/NACO
        Liaison with the standard text:

 "PCC record for [LCCN] in [utility] under [utility control number]."

The use of this text would serve two purposes:
1. The standardized text would enable the LC liaison to cut and
paste the message with minimum change into the LC record.

2. The standardized text would enable LC to monitor the situation
through searching.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome and may be sent
directly to me or to the list.

Ana Cristán
BIBCO Coordinator