This is in reference to the much-discussed Page Preview problem in XMetaL
versions later than 1.2.  One of the options offered to deal with this was
installing XT as a replacement for MSXML, which is the default in the
recent XMetaL versions.  I talked this over with one of SoftQuad's help
staff, who e-mailed me XT.  I installed it, but found that there is still a
problem.  The error message I got on trying to switch to Page Preview was:

Run-Time Error
Line 39, Column 2
Description: \C:\PROGRAM
FIILES\SOFTQUAD\XMETAL 2\Display\eadcbs2.xsl

Are others getting this same message?  Is there a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this--

Amy McCrory
Project Archivist
Cartoon Research Library
Ohio State University