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Hello all,

Amy McCrory and several others have written about problems with X-metal
2.1 working with some of the files in the cookbook.  I noticed that Lisa
Robinson had responded that this was not a problem with 2.0...Can others
verify that for me also?  In another (and better) approach to the problem,
Amy mentioned that Michael Fox was coming out with a revised version of
the cookbook...or at least a fix for this problem, sometime in september.
Is that official?  I'm trying to figure out how long before we can begin
an EAD project.  I'ed appreciate any responses.

Another unrelated query....are you all familiar with CORC?  Georgia
used this to present its Southeast Native American Documents Collection.
It seems to be for item level description of digital surrogates within a
collection, but I was wondering how it relates to EAD and if one did EAD,
would one do CORC or vice versa...

Questions, lots of questions, and I appreciate your time.

Deborah D.

Deborah S. Davis, Archives Librarian
Odum Library, Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA   31698-0150
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