Dear Jodi,

I am replying to your query of the list because I do't have an answer to
your question.  I would be very interested in an answer however, as we
have about 600 finding aids here in HTML that need to be converted to
EAD at some point.  We are far from starting on this project -- it will
be part of my new job here, a job which I wont't start until Spring
2002.  But if you find a solution or some conversion software I would
appreciate if you could let me know!

Thank you!


Jodi Allison-Bunnell wrote:
> Apologies if this is a question that has been asked before; the listserv
> archives are unavailable.
> I am a consultant working with a state historical society that has been
> producing its finding aids as Word documents and then, to gain some
> additional access, converting them to HTML using Front Page and putting
> them on an intranet. They have completed a substantial number of finding
> aids this way. We are building a web site for them and would like to build
> robust collections access that would word-search the finding aids; they do
> not have a library OPAC to link through an 856 yet. We would like to
> encourage them to adopt the EAD DTD instead of HTML, but I hesitate to have
> them change mid-stream. They did have a staff member take the EAD workshop
> a few years ago and have some software from that (Internet Archivist), but
> have never used any of it. However, the current system is obviously of
> limited usefulness.
> I've looked pretty thoroughly at the annotated EAD sites and don't find any
> reference to making these kinds of transitions.
> Does anyone have some experience of making this change? I'm looking for
> advice on workflow issues as well as any technical solutions that might be
> available.
> Any answers much appreciated.
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