Hi Kathleen,

I'm not very familiar with CD-RW drives, but I'll do my best.

I've seen a lot of people who were happy with Plextor CD-RW drives. If
you expect a high usage of the burner, you might want to look into some
higher-spin drives. I've found them as high as 24x write and 10x rewrite
speed nowadays.

I also read some very good reviews and user feedback from LG and NEC
models. Ricoh and Panasonic used to be very popular, but I didn't keep
up with their latest stuff.

And although it is pretty standard these days, try to get a model that
has Burnproof or Justlink technology. They reduce the probability of
causing "coasters." (aka "bad burn" and "buffer underrun," etc.)

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> Hello,
> I need to purchase CD-RW drives for three computers in my department.
> They will be used mostly for filling patron requests for scanned
> that are too large to be e-mailed. Does anyone have any
> advice/suggestinons about which models have worked for you, or which
> models to run screaming from in terror? Thanks in advance for your
> Kathleen Hertel
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