Notice:  FLICC/FEDLINK is canceling its August 14 program, *How (and Why) to Use FEDLINK in FY2002."  Although we had planned to update members on the  impact of the Revolving Fund on their accounts, we are still waiting for official interpretation of this new law before we can make any announcements.

LC has requested written advice from GAO, which we now expect to receive in September, interpreting the Revolving Fund law (P.L. 106-481) for FEDLINK within the context of broader appropriations law and regulations.  The major issue in contention is members* ability to bring unused balances from annual appropriations forward from prior years to purchase new services or to support FEDLINK operating costs.  Since we don*t yet have a firm interpretation of the law with respect to use of prior year annual funds, we must begin FY2002  with "business as usual"*i.e., with fees at the same level  as  FY2001 ($1200 for direct pay and 7.75% for transfer pay) and comparable procedures for online registration and order processing. (Note: Level fees are a change from what was originally proposed for the FY2002 Budget; we are now working with the FLICC and FEDLINK governing bodies to modify the Budget to return to level fees.)

We plan to update members and offer more specifics on the Revolving Fund at the Fall Membership meeting on October 25,  when we will have more definite information. That afternoon, we will also offer a detailed *How to Use FEDLINK* program for those who are new to the program, want to see the latest from our online registration system, or need a refresher course on how best to administer their accounts, move funds, etc.

If you have any questions that you would particularly like to have answered*either directly or in future announcements/alerts or programs, please send them to me at my email address below.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact the FEDLINK hotline at 202-707-4900 and your call will be directed to the appropriate staff.

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