The next Digital Library Federation METS Development Workshop will take
place on September 12 (10am-5pm) and September 13 (10am-2pm) at the
Library of Congress.


Discuss proposed changes to METS schema
Finalize Version 1.0 of METS schema
Plan subsequent METS review periods
         first, a DLF community review period
         second, a public review period
Maintenance of the METS standard
         LC as official maintenance agency
         Establishment of an editorial board
METS Registries
Extension schemas and "application profiles"
Creating and parsing METS documents
Building software tools to process METS documents

Note: It is expected that the main portion of the agenda will be concluded
about 2pm on September 13. However, less formal discussions (regarding
tool building, extension schemas, or other topics may continue until 5.
Anyone interested is welcome to stay and join those discussions.

If you are interested in attending the Workshop and have not notified me
please do so asap.

Morgan Cundiff
Library of Congress