FYI!!  Note the new 667 "stuff" in 1.


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Subject: New 667 message; no 856 field

Two items of interest to NACO contributors:

1.  The July 23, 2001 release of the Revision of DCM Z1 (yellow pages),
recently shipped to NACO contributors, includes a new example:
667  $a Formerly on undifferentiated name record:  [LCCN of
undifferentiated name record]
When removing a name from an undifferentiated name record to create a
new and unique record, please inlcude a 667 with the new message text
and supply the LCCN of the record from which it was removed..

The yellow page updates were mailed in August to NACO contacts and to
NACO funnel coordinators who in turn distribute them to their funnel
members.  If your institution has not yet received this update of the
yellow pages, please email: [log in to unmask], or contact your NACO funnel

2.  The 856 field is not to be used in the name authority records by LC
or NACO libraries.  The 856 is being discussed in connection with the
revision of the LC Guidelines Supplement to the MARC 21 Format for
Authority Data (blue pages), but it is premature to say if/when the 856
will be authorized and specifications given for its use.

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