I assume you mean XML Schema. There is no official effort underway to
express the EAD DTD in XML Schema.


XML Schema has only recently been elevated to "recommendation" status by
the W3C, 2 May 2001. Robust software support for it is not yet available.
EAD and other complex DTDs (such as DocBook and TEI) make extensive use of
parameter entities in their designs. Parameter entities do not map directly
into Schema structures, and thus to accomplish the same or similar semantic
and structural objectives in Schema requires rethinking and
"re-engineering." Since the re-expression of EAD into Schema will require a
major effort, the EADWG has deferred making a decision concerning Schema
until there is major support for it as demonstrated by significant software
developments and implementations, and there are clear benefits to having an
EAD Schema.

Speaking for myself, I suspect EAD will be expressed in Schema at some
point, but not yet. The data typing and other constraints enabled by Schema
are potentially quite useful, especially as the archival community begins
to extend consensus on what constitutes good archival description.


At 09:13 AM 9/6/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone ported the EAD DTD to an XSL Schema?  I search the archives of
>the listserv, but didn't find anything on it.
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