May I ask a specific question about the Cookbook stylesheets (in this case,
eadcbs1.xsl)? Near the top of the stylesheet, in the section that sets up
the body of the finding aid in HTML, a variable is established called
"file." What does this do? How does it help to set up variables in a
stylesheet? (I'm obviously a non-programmer!) If this is inappropriate to
ask here, or if you all feel it would open a floodgate of questions better
addressed elsewhere, my question can be deferred until a tutorial, a
workshop, or whatever, might be available.

Many thanks.

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> I've been able to make some simple modifications of the Cookbook's
> stylesheets, and I've got no programming background. It took curiosity, a
> basic sense of logic, and the willingness to learn by screwing up. But,
> me emphasize that these were very basic changes and in order to get the
> display I really want, I expect to have to learn a lot more about XSL.
> I do like the idea of an online tutorial that would be more widely
> and that you could continue to reference, but I'm not sure that a web
> tutorial alone is enough. At the EAD Roundtable, Daniel Pitti mentioned
> the University of Virginia was considering offering training in a variety
> aspects of EAD publishing, and I think that a workshop that went beyond
> stylesheets would be very helpful.
> Kelcy Shepherd
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