Thursday, September 13, 2001

        The PCC is offering a variety of new information available
through its component program home pages and the following

        NEWS: Newly-elected Policy Committee members--The election
results are in, the votes tabulated, and the ballot boxes emptied:
Representing the NACO contingent of institutions is the continuing
member Sherry Kelley, Smthsonian Institution Libraries.  Jim Stickman,
University of Washington, was elected as the new CONSER
representative, and Joan Swanekamp, Yale University Libraries, was
voted in as the new BIBCO representative.  (As an aside, there were no
pregnant or hanging chads to confuse election officials!)

        Gary Charbonneau, Indiana University Libraries, is the newly
appointed chair of the PCC Standing Committee on Automation (SCA)
replacing Karen Calhoun.

        The BIBCO program has developed a notification procedure for a
PCC record that is available in the utilities for an LC "in process"
record.  This notification "form", available at was developed to
reduce duplication of
cataloging effort and maximize use of bibliographic records created by
BIBCO participants.  Please note that this notification is voluntary.
Following this means of notification will simplify and expedite the

        NEWS FLASH: Remember all those classification number questions
you may have had when deciding if your bibliographic record needed an
authorized number?  To solve those questions and many others, the
BIBCO program has developed a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) page
about the use of LC Classification numbers in BIBCO records.  The FAQ
covers a myriad of classification and shelflisting issues that BIBCO
participants have encountered when contributing BIBCO records, which
is available at:

        The guidelines (available originally on March 3, 1996) that
list all conventions to be
applied in identifying records created/upgraded by BIBCO (i.e., PCC)
libraries were recently revised on August 20, 2001.  This information,
in tabular form, now includes the conventions to be followed when a
PCC library upgrades a bibliographic record which was orginally
created by a non-PCC national library with cataloging source "blank."
This table is available at:

        The BIBCO Home Page provides a link to an article published in
the RLG Focus v. 47, Dec. 2000 by the LC Director for Cataloging, Mr.
Beacher Wiggins on the benefits gained by the Library of Congress'
participation in the BIBCO program.  The text of the entire article is
available at:

        The NACO program includes contributions from a variety of
funnel projects and an informational chart in tabular form has been
prepared to compare the types of NACO membership and draws the
distinction between regular NACO and funnel membership.  This table is
available at:  And
speaking about funnels, a new "funnel application" has been made
available and a  revised description about funnel participation has
been posted.

        One last hurrah:  a link from the NACO Home Page has been
provided to a Web-version of the NACO Participants' Manual.

Please remember to visit the PCC Home Pages often for late-breaking

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