1. Identifier. Should there be some sort of identifier for a Yanks record? If these records are to be harvested as standalone records they'll need unique identifiers. However there is consideration that a Yanks record will be a component of a larger record, for example a mets record. In that case, the mets record will need an identifier but the yanks record won't. But if an identifer is needed, would LCCN be sufficient? The LCCN qualified by the archive identifier would make the record unique, assuming that there isn't more than one yanks record in a given archive with the same lccn.
  2. Extensibility. Should there be an extensibility element to enable dumping arbitrary marc elements into the record?
  3. Readability. Should Yanks be more hierarchically defined to improve readability? For example, all of the notes elements could be combined into a higher level element, and all of the title elements into another, etc.
  4. Links. Should there be internal links inside of the scheme?
  5. Data Types. Should certain data types be described for certain elements? For example date forms, heading punctuation, etc.