I hope there is a good reason to release yet another bibliographic
metadata format onto the world.

The reason I suggested ONIX was because it seemed to have a growing
number of publishers and book retailers behind it (and some movement
from the library sector too). Hence, people like Amazon would be more
interested in something supporting ONIX than say MARC.

Sorry, if that sounds a little negative - I haven't seen this new format
yet (obviously) but just a little worried that we can't get agreement on
the ones we have already without re-inventing new ones.


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> Subject: metadata formats for ZNG
> We haven't said much (or anything, far as I recall),  since the June
> meeting,
> about metadata formats for ZNG. At the meeting we spoke of DC and
> This is a heads-up: I'm planning to propose a new format, either in
> addition to
> these two, or preferably, to replace ONIX.  Its an XML-based format
> bibliographic elements that we've been working on here in our office.
> haven't
> unleashed it yet, but will this week.  More later.
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