Fellows and Friends,


The Library of Congress will be closed for a few days so that the security folks can do a *precautionary* sweep of the buildings and ventilation systems in light of recent events in the Congressional Buildings.  Just in case you were wondering where the Hart Building is in relationship to the Library, here's a map: <> from the Architect of the Capitol's Web site.  (Hart is in red, adjacent to Russell and north of the Supreme Court.)  It seems pretty unlikely that any significant quantity of airborne particles could make it the three blocks from the Hart Building to the Madison Building, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The Library is scheduled to close at the end of its business day on Wednesday, October 17 and reopen on Tuesday, October 23.  I haven't spoken to all of the Learning Page/Learning Center staff, but those who can will most likely check email and voice mail until then.  The reference services on the American Memory Help Desk and the Learning Page will not be responding to questions until Tuesday, however.

As far as I know, the Web servers will be up, but should problems arise, do not expect there to be anybody available to fix them.  Please plan accordingly.  The America's Library <> server is located outside the Library and should not be affected.



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