Just thought I'd pass the word along that the current "Places in the News" map is a Public Domain 2000 map of Afghanistan.  Use this URL: <>.

Later this map will be added to the list here:
<>, which features previous "Places in the News" maps, including a 1997 map (also copyright free) of Asia
<>, which places Afghanistan in geographical context with its neighbors.

You may use these maps via your web browser and American Memory using the tools presented on the Web page or you may download the entire map and use the free MrSID viewer <> to manipulate it on your local computer.  There is a time investment to download the maps (like video).

If you plan to use any particular American Memory map much at all, we recommend you take the time to download the map and the tool (which only needs downloading once).  Follow the link to "MrSID Viewer" and select your operating system (Win95/NT-Macintosh-Unix) and follow the subsequent instructions.  The Wind95/NT version also works on Win98 (and probably on ME and 2000).   If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you also consider the "MrSID Photo Photoshop Viewer."  There's also a browser plug-in.