High level paraprofessionals contribute BIBCO records (original and OCLC
enhance) for belles lettres only.  They receive NACO training and training
in classification in-house.  We went this route to free original
catalogers for more difficult material and to take advantage of
the language expertise of our support staff.


On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Carol Hixson wrote:

> I have two questions that I would like to have input on from other
> BIBCO libraries:
> 1) How many of you have paraprofessional catalogers doing some of
> your BIBCO cataloging?
> (Lest anyone think that I have an axe to grind about this, one way or the
> other, let me just state: I think this is an institutional decision that
> depends
> on a lot of factors. It is not something that I think the PCC should be trying
> to "legislate" in any way. I am simply trying to get a sense of what
> current reality is for BIBCO libraries.)
> 2) If you do have paraprofessionals doing BIBCO cataloging, do you
> rely on in-house training for MARC, AACR2, subject analysis, and
> classification? Or do you send staff to training sessions provided by
> other agencies?
> I have personal knowledge of BIBCO workflows at four different libraries,
> all of which have paraprofessionals contributing BIBCO records. In my own
> library, all of our high level paraprofessional catalogers contribute BIBCO
> records, both full and core, original and upgraded. The training that they
> have received in general cataloging concepts and tools has largely been
> provided in house.
> Carol Hixson
> Head, Catalog Dept.
> University of Oregon

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